At Safari 4x4 we have been traveling Australia for over 20 years,with our fair share of problems.
Certainly at Caravan/ 4WD shows and field days demonstrating tyre repair equipment, every body has told us how where and when they have had their tyre problems. So we have herd a few stories some lucky some not so lucky.

You only have to ask any outback Mechanic / Servo / Tow truck driver the most common problem Travelers have diversing the outback the answer is almost always TYRES as tyre sizes change so often they can be hard to find.

With all this in mind we have put together a comprehensive first aid kit for your tyres.Containing a high quality range of products to cover all repairable injuries. We understand when you need it it has to work..Caring two spare tyres mounted on rims and ready to go means you have two chances this doesn’t sound so good when your out the back of Bourke its not uncommon to have two flats at the same time So fit your spares then what? Panic? Get out the map and sat phone and find which direction you are more likely to get HELP from and hope you get there without further problems. Ending up stranded in the outback can quickly get very expensive.

 Many travellers carrying just a tyre plug kit may have a very false sense of security, as many tyre injuries will not be repairable with just a plug (not even just to get to help) or even when they may be repairable, with out the ability to get inside to remove any objects are only setting themselves up to fail maybe further from help. It's not unlike carrying a packet of bandaids instead of a full first aid kit.

 Many travellers seem to carry plenty of recovery gear with the fear of getting bogged when in reality they have much more control over selecting the terrain they will /will not become bogged in, Than they can perhaps pick when and where a tyre problem may occur.

 Having the correct tools to give you the ability too repair / replace a tyre on the roadside will not only give you peace of mind but the confidence to tackle the great outback & the security of knowing you have many more chances of continuing on in the direction you want.
Lets say we only get 2 fixes out of each tyre with our standard 5 tyres that 10 flats before we have a problem add just an extra tyre not rim and you have another couple of chances and your not caring the extra weight (or expense) of a second rim / wheel carrier etc.
(HINT) A great spot for your second casing is strapped to your existing spare on the back door or wheel carrier even straped to the bullbar.