Undoubtedly the Easiest & Most Reliable Manual Tyre Repair System on the market.
 1.   Will break the bead from 8" through to 20" Rims
 2.   Assists in refitting Tyres onto 13" through to 20" Rims
 3.   Optional  Tyre Spreading Attachment will spread up to 22"
4. Full range of accessories to simplify the job from start to finish 

How The R&R Beadbreaker & Tyre refitting Tool Works (Basics)

To use as a beadbreaker sit foot on tyre next to rim edge adjust nose plate to sit on opposite rim edge,sit anchor against edge of Centre hole,then position pivot block so as threaded rod is closest to parallel with foot,  then just using a 19mm or 3/4 spaner wind down the Barrel nut until the tool bottoms out on the rim edge then
as tyre is held down apply lubricant to exposed area continue around rim.
with an average of 1 position on front & then 2 to 3 position on the rear.
image-110947-how break bead.jpg?1409581162712
The Real Reason the tool was invented was to refit the tyre to the rim,- The guide on the foot will direct the bead into the well as the Retaining bolt opposite,
applies bead tension. as the barrel nut is tightned.  
 Replicating: Standing on the tyre trying to kick the bead in the  well  while levering / hammering, to tension on the bead.
image-111119-how fit tyre 1.jpg?1409644597462
With the need to stand on the tyre removed, means that if up at a working height on a Tailgate / Camp table / Ute Tray (kitchen table in van AC on) having your back straight will give you far greater control the part of edging the bead over the rim with the hooked end of the tyre lever making the job very easy.
image-111628-how fit tyre 2.jpg?1409652761961
When the tyre has moved forward from the retaining bolt, the barrel nut is losened to release the anchor so the tool can be slid back and the bead will slide down the ramp, then by just lifting the tool the bead will slide off.
image-111631-how fit tyre 3.jpg?1409653171929

Tyre Spreading Attachment

Tyre Spreading Attachment. -Transformed into a excellent addition this sturdy tyre spreader is fully adjustable & can spread from 50mm to 500mm giving a far greater tyre size coverage than even the beadbreaker it's self.
image-112350-how TS 1.jpg?1409736672326
Giving you a real advantage when preparing any area within the tyre to take a patch having the area tensioned will make the buffing process far quicker. also giving
far more  access to get the job done.
When packed away will only increase the width of the tool by 12mm and the
length by 25mm 
 Weighing only an 900grams
image-112376-how TS 3.jpg?1409738564012

Hub Anchor Adaptor Multi Fit

The R&R Beadbreaker requires an anchor point low in the rim,  best in the centre of the two outer edges where the beads sit. If your rim centre is level with the outer rim edge you will need a Hub adaptor Kit.
Hub Anchor Adaptor Kit
Full Multi fit fits all
5,6 & 8 stud patterns
image-112408-how hbak 1.jpg?1409744373889
Many new alloy Rims have very little or even no dish unlike the traditional steel rims where the Centre was in the Centre.
image-112437-how hbak 2.jpg?1409744723036
Bolting in the Hub Anchor Adaptor will put the Centre back in the Centre
allowing the included hook rod drop through the rim to the anchor point.
image-112476-how hbak 3.jpg?1409746797287
using the Hub adaptor as a anchor point will eliminate any posibility of dammage to the centre.
image-112498-how hbak 4.jpg?1409748479553
Bolt Packs
matched to  your wheel nuts to fix adaptor to rim.
Downloadable & Printable Instructions

Downloadable & Printable Instructional Booklet R&R Beadbreaker & Tyre Refitting Tool

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Downloadable & Printable Instructional Booklet Hub Anchor Adaptor

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