Inventor Wolfgang Boessler with Adrian O'Neill.

The Beadbreaker Was invented by 75 year old retired engineer, Wolfgang Boessler who migrated from Germany to Australia at the age of forty and became an avid Aussie bush traveller. Looking for better tyre solutions and conducting lengthy reserch, Wolf finaly decided to change over from split rims to safety rims as the best option.
 On his next trip wolf suffered several flat tyre's, the job of breaking the bead was much the same as the old split rims an attachment and chain on the Hiliftjack that Wolf had knocked up many years before.
 But when it came to refitting the tyre back on to the rim Wolf was stumped.

Now in his 70s hedid not have the strength or the mobility to knock it on with a rubber mallet or lever it on with levers. Luckily Wolf was able to flag down other travellers to assist him, although he greatly appreciated the help he quickly learnt that there is a great art and a bloody lot of sweat to fit a tyre on to a rim with a rubber mallet. The damage done to the seal - (bead) also caused  more problems later, as they tried to reseat the tyre onto the rim it was difficult to overcome the air escaping through the seal.

Wolfgang found using quality long levers and the correct technique it was possible for someone of average fitness (with a bit of weight) but was very strenuous because of the need to bend, twist and use their body weight to hold the tyre down as they levered it on. Wolfgang was unable to do this due to his ageing body.

Although it took him two years in his backyard workshop, to come up with the tool he says "it should have been invented 40 or 50 years ago".The tool not only Breaks the Bead with ease but most importantly refits the tyre to the rim with very little effort from the operator . Wolf utilised a camp table or tailgate and no longer needed to bend his back which of course gave him far more control over the job.

  1993: Adrian O'Neill owner of Safari 4x4 Centre & (at the time) Convoy Capers, Wolfgang Had Made a job that my customers & I all Hated, into a very simple job. No longer did we have to drag a stack of extra rims (weight & room) just so we wouldn't have to change a Tyre. Seeing the Tool as a god sent I quickly purchased the Patent from Wolf that he had acquired. The R&R (remove & refit) Beadbreaker was borne.

 Modifications were made to accommodate varies size rims. We have strived to refine the tool as time has gone on, always keeping with Wolfs simple idea's are the best idea's approach. The Tyre spreading attachment was developed  and quickly became a sort after add on.
  As Vehicle manufactures have moved to Alloy rims, bigger again and (some) designed to make the tyre stay on the rim a Heavy Duty version was developed. Latley  the Manufactures have started to increase the size so as 19" is becoming common and the traditional dished centre is being lost to the more stylish flat rim.
 To cover all current rims, The Latest Cast version was developed along with a NEW Multi Fit Hub Anchor Adaptor Add a pair of rim protectors & any current rim is no problem. With no rim damage and all the original ease of operation Thanks Wolfgang.